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Class Acts: DruidsD&D Insider Article
Expanding Horizons
By Anthony Harrison

The Coven of the Garden originally worked through secretive methods in a well-hidden garden in the depths of the woods. It recently relocated its esoteric culture so that it could take root in the heart of civilization. This migration created opportunities to further their myriad goals, including establishing harmony with nature wherever they can within the world’s points of light.

This aspect, being steadfast and resolute, prefers the primal spirits of the earth and forests, which coincide with their natures. They are grounded in a visceral ideology, and each member is charged with nurturing his or her primal spark into a controlled blaze. By keeping the primal flame of others going strong, they seek to illuminate the world and, upon passing, join the other primal spirits. Guardians normally identify mostly with shamans who manifest the primal spirits more directly, though clerics of Ioun, Erathis, and Melora have much common ground as well.

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    Taken aback by the sights,
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