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Class Acts: Star Pact HexbladesD&D Insider Article
Star Crossed
By Matt Sernett

Some warlocks take a greater interest in the stars than even the most dedicated astrologers. Indeed, many of the records of the night sky beloved of today’s astrologers and navigators come from the observations of such arcanists over the centuries. Hexblade warlocks make a pact with powerful entities, and those who engage in a star pact tie themselves to certain things beyond the stars. Such warlocks have good reason to keep a watchful eye upon the heavens. The star pact provides a new pact option for hexblade warlocks as described in Player Essentials: Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms.

What creature, possessed of a dreaming mind and hopeful heart, has not gazed upon the night sky in wonder? The unchanging stars serve the people of the world as inspiration, serve as the basis for creating a calendar, and guide people in terms of navigation, and they have done so for centuries. Yet those who make a habit of observing the glittering firmament occasionally spot . . . anomalies— minute differences from what the star charts and celestial codices describe.

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    About the Author

    Matt Sernett is a writer and game designer for Wizards of the Coast who splits his time between Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. Recent credits include Player’s Handbook Races: Tieflings, The Plane Above: Secrets of the Astral Sea, and Magic the Gathering: Zendikar. When he’s not making monsters or building worlds, he’s watching bad fantasy movies you don’t realize exist and shouldn’t bother to learn about.

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