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Assassin: ExecutionerD&D Insider Article
Play the Most Dangerous Game
By Rodney Thompson

Assassins embrace shadow magic and pledge a shard of their souls to the Shadowfell to gain their power. By replacing a fundamental part of themselves with a dark reflection, they can manifest that piece of shadow to accomplish incredible things. The infusion of shadow magic allows assassins to identify weak points in an opponent’s defenses so that with a few moments of study they can reduce the stoutest enemies to corpses.

The very existence of this guild of executioners is often dismissed as myth or urban legend. The League of Whispers keeps its membership a secret. Although individual members might be known as assassins, their association with the guild is rarely more than a matter of speculation for nonmembers. The league keeps its existence a mystery by executing anyone who discovers the truth. The order holds secret meetings once every full moon, where the members converge to discuss jobs, trade secrets and tricks, and receive orders from their Grandfather of Assassins.

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