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Character Concepts
by Peter Schaefer

Welcome to Character Concepts, a new recurring feature in Dragon! In this article series, we'll present specific character archetypes and show you how to build the character of your dreams using the existing D&D rules. So if you're looking for the ultimate expression of your character, this series will be a great resource. In this first installment, author Peter Schaefer presents a pair of classic D&D character concepts: the master teleporter and the fighter-mage.

So what happens if you forgot to create a character for the gaming session that’s about to start and you need one right away? What if you’re a guest to the game who just happens to need a quick character for a high-level 4th Edition D&D game, which starts less than an hour from now? Or maybe you’re a Dungeon Master who wants to demonstrate the archetypal characters you can make with 4th Edition D&D. Perhaps you’re someone who wonders how to make that classic character from your favorite fantasy movie. If you’re any of these people, you might find what you need right here.

Each “Character Concepts” article picks an iconic heroic image or a strong character theme and lays out a path of character advancement, from level 1 to 30, which shows you how to achieve and maintain that character type. In this inaugural article, we’ll look at the familiar warrior-wizard, who fights off foes with sword and shield while throwing blasts of thunder and sprays of magical light. As a warrior/wizard, your fighting prowess allows you to use close and area attacks to mark multiple targets at once, which can give you a huge advantage in combat situations. But, is there a school that teaches this intermingling, or is it a departure from accepted practice? You could wait for the swordmage in the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide, but that class provides a different feel altogether.

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By night, Peter Schaefer drives his armor-plated, solar wind-powered tank through the ranks of the evil yak-men who fight to crush all that right-thinking humans hold dear. His only ally and secret sponsor in this vigilantism is Griselda, the Heirophant Mercurial who supports Peter with high-tech toys and subtle magics from her position within the secret world government in Taipei. Decipher his rebellious code by visiting Gleemax and join the fight.

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