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Martial Power 2D&D Insider Article
Design & Development
By Richard Baker and Rodney Thompson

Got steel? Martial Power 2 is a brand-new Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook that hits the shelves in March. Richard Baker (lead designer for Martial Power 2) and Rodney Thompson (lead developer for the book) take a few minutes to share their thoughts about building a sourcebook full of new builds, powers, feats, and features for martial heroes.

Rodney: The Martial Power 2 sourcebook introduces a variety of new options for fighters, rogues, rangers, and warlords. Since this book was the second power book for martial characters, we had the opportunity to try some new things and experiment with play styles. One of the goals of the book is to find new ways for players to use classes that have been around since the first Player's Handbook for 4th Edition, to make those classes seem new and fresh for someone who has played them before.

Rich: With that in mind, we set out to outline a book that wouldn't make the Player's Handbook or Martial Power obsolete but would reinforce existing options as we broke into some new design space. The first step in outlining Martial Power 2 was to examine the existing options for martial characters. What sort of martial hero did you want to play that you couldn't play now? Was there an obvious build possibility that hasn't been explored yet? How could we provide players with something new and interesting without abandoning or invalidating previous options?

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    About the Authors

    Richard Baker is an award-winning game designer who’s written scores of D&D adventures and sourcebooks, including the Manual of the Planes, Divine Power, and Draconomicon 2. Rich is also a best-selling author of Forgotten Realms novels, including Swordmage and Corsair in the Blades of the Moonsea series.

    Rodney Thompson is an RPG developer and designer at Wizards of the Coast. Originally from Chattanooga, TN, his credits for Dungeons & Dragons include the Eberron Campaign Guide and Martial Power II, and he is the lead developer for the Dark Sun campaign setting books. Rodney is also the lead designer and developer of all of the Star WarsRoleplaying Game Saga Edition books.

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