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Dragon Editorial
by Chris Youngs

Our first 4th Edition issue is now one for the e-books. Based on what we’ve been hearing from everyone out there surfing the tubes, #364 was a success. I’m certainly happy with the content, and none of it would have been possible without the awesome support of the D&D Insider team, especially Bart Carroll, Stacy Longstreet, Chris Perkins, and Steve Winter, as well as the rest of RPG R&D.

If you’ve already glanced through the compiled PDF of issue #364, you might have noticed that we made some changes—tweaks, really—to a few articles. We’re taking advantage of the medium, listening to our staff and readers, and making corrections to articles before releasing the compiled issues. The time between when an article first appears and when the collected issue appears gives us a window to include corrections from helpful fans, and we’re more than willing to make changes as needed to give you the best possible D&D experience in these pages.

On another topic, over the next several months, we’re going to show you all sorts of new features. At some point, we’ll likely settle into a rhythm, but for now, we’re taking the opportunity to finally launch some of the great ideas we’ve been kicking around the office for more than a year.

In this issue, we have a big surprise. It’s the first article in what we’re calling the “Playtest” series — a new recurring feature that showcases something from a print product that might not even be in the catalog yet. This month, we’re bringing you a first look at one build from the artificer class, which won’t see print until the official relaunch of the Eberron campaign in 2009. The artificer is ready to drop right into your D&D game, whether you’re playing an Eberron campaign or not. On top of that, it’s completely RPGA legal, which means you should be rolling up your first artificer . . . now!

These Playtest articles come with a pretty big disclaimer: The rules contained with these articles are subject to change. When the print version finally hits the shelves, it’s likely—almost certain, in fact—that some of the features and powers of the class will have changed based on your playtest feedback and our own playtest experiences.

Other new features we’ll be rolling out this month include the “Codex of Betrayal,” which is to devils as the “Demonomicon of Iggwilv” is to demon princes. Plus, the newly redesigned “Backdrop” series is back with a look at Cormyr, and our first 4th Edition “Ecology” article will also show up later this month. So stick around, keep sending in your feedback, and check back with us every week!

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