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Debut: Player's Handbook 3, The PsionD&D Insider Article
D&D Insider Debut!
By Bruce R. Cordell

The first of the Player's Handbook 3 debut content is here, with the release of our second psionic class! Build and play a psion now. One of the psion's complete builds -- all 30 levels -- is now available in the D&D Character Builder and D&D Compendium if you're a D&D Insider subscriber. In this article, take a look at the psion's class features and get insight and commentary on the design of the new class straight from the staff of RPG R&D. Also, the enclosed list of the psion's powers is linked directly to the D&D Compendium for quick reference at the table.

You know the mental pathways that lead to amazing edifices of altered reality. You could be a brash human youth flush with your mental ability's first flowering, a tattooed cenobite enrolled in a secret psionic academy, a fey enchanter using ancient techniques to beguile your foes, or perhaps a specially trained inquisitor who has learned one secret too many.

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    About the Authors

    Bruce R. Cordell is an Origins award-winning game designer for Wizards of the Coast LLC. His long list of professional credits includes the Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons supplement, the new Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, and several Forgotten Realms novels.

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