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Explore Airspur: Agents and EnemiesD&D Insider Article
NPCs and Villains of Akanul
by Brian Cortijo

All manner of interesting folk fill the streets and motes of Airspur. Among them are the genasi, and a myriad other races wander the roads and flying bridges of the city as well, if in lesser numbers. As with any city, one can find soldiers and merchants, criminals and adventurers. No matter how experienced a party of heroes might be when they first encounter the wondrous capital of Akanûl, the PCs can find adventure in Airspur if they look for it -- and this is the place to look!

Bounding across rooftops and through the clouds themselves is Rilta, the bold and skilled burglar who makes a living stealing from Airspur's elite and wealthy visitors to the city. Although not malicious about her targets -- or the wealth she takes from them -- Rilta is nonetheless a proud and somewhat greedy thief who bristles at the thought of being embarrassed or beaten to a score.

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    About the Author

    Brian Cortijo is a freelance designer and full-time university lackey, which means he looks at the college equivalent of character sheets all day. He's undergoing a homecoming of sorts, making his return to the Forgotten Realms setting (since Dragon #358) after short hiatus on other worlds, including an extended stay in his birth-city of New York. Some of his recent works include Forgotten Heroes: Scythe and Shroud and Qadira: Gateway to the East.

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