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Abyssal GenasiD&D Insider Article
By Peter Schaefer

The genasi race has many expressions. It is a race of fire, wind, earth, water, and storm. The raw power of the elements coursing through their bodies gives them an affinity -— a control that gives them a racial definition and potent natural abilities in combat. This article presents four corrupt manifestations for player characters -- causticsoul, gravesoul, plaguesoul, and voidsoul.

A genasi who exhibits one of these corruptions is twisted by the Abyss. A genasi with a corrupted manifestation might decide that evil and destruction is the reason he or she was born. Many such genasi come to serve a demon lord; Graz'zt in particular employs or influences more Abyssal genasi than others of his kind.

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    About the Author

    Peter Schaefer retired from ruling a small European nation when Wizards of the Coast offered him real money to develop Dungeons & Dragons full time. Recent developments include Player’s Handbook 2 and Arcane Power.

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