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Primal PowerD&D Insider Article
Power Play
By Tavis Allison

A primal map guides both body and soul. The unique virtue of a primal map is that you can send your spirit along the path it creates, reliving the experience of the mapper’s journey as if in a dream. Using a primal map in this way takes as long as it took the original mapper to make the journey, during which time you are in a dreamlike state similar to an eladrin’s trance. The Primal Mapper paragon path presented here provides characters with options for tactical movement in combat as well as a character concept that allows a player and DM to help others visualize locations.

When did you first know that your awareness of the world around you is unique? Perhaps you were underground when a gust of wind blew out your torches, leaving your party in utter darkness from which only you could lead the way back. Or maybe you were attacked under cover of a thick fog and shouted out, “Retreat and regroup at our last campsite!” Only after you said this did you realize that you were the only one for whom that was as easy to find as your own foot. Your comrades have long relied on your intuition to determine which tunnel leads to the surface and where you will find higher ground that better allows you to defend yourself against your pursuers.

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    About the Author

    Tavis Allison is the co-author of the Dragon Magazine article “Warden Essentials” and several other D&D projects that he can’t wait to see released so that he can mention them in his About the Author section. Tavis plays and DMs with the New York Red Box.

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