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In the Spellplague's Aftermath
By Daniel Jones

With its diverse and chaotic impact, the effects of the Spellplague have been stubbornly difficult to systematize. Two victims of identical exposure can manifest their scars in ways so different as to belie any similarity in their experiences. One might develop hidden mental powers while the other is transformed into a disfigured monster with crippling and uncontrollable abilities. This article presents a catalog of feats that can enhance or add to any given character’s abilities.

In the decades after the Year of Blue Flame, scholars noticed that the Spellplague frequently expanded the native characteristics and habitual activities of its victims. A quality each one possessed would be adjusted, twisted, and sometimes remade. For example, an elf's sight could morph to allow it to see that which is normally concealed, or an eladrin's ability to move could cause nearby creatures to move as well.

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    About the Author

    This is Daniel Jones’s first article for Dragon magazine. Now he has a loving and beautiful wife, they’re expecting their first child, and he’s written for the Dungeons & Dragons game. Dreams do come true.

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