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Channel Divinity: SehanineD&D Insider Article
Arrows from the Moonbow
By Claudio Pozas

The core of Sehanine’s teachings—forging one’s own destiny—makes her popular among folk from all walks of life. Whether rural or urban, martial or arcane, every mortal can relate to this empowering credo. Even so, no matter how justified or well meaning, some try to exert undue power over the lives of others. And when these dark ambitions become too threatening to be ignored, heroes arise to give them battle. Rebels, outsiders, tricksters—their names are legion. But they are all arrows shot from the Moonbow.

Every night, as the sun sets, the world plunges into another period of darkness. For lovers, it is an embracing cloak that hides them from unwanted eyes. For thieves and tricksters, it is a partner in their sneaky endeavors. However, the night would be filled with nothing but horrors were it not for the pale silver light that shines down on the world. The moon is not the fierce, judgmental gaze of the sun, but rather the knowing eye of an accomplice, of a partner, of a lover. That gleaming eye belongs to Sehanine, the Moonbow.

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    About the Authors

    Claudio Pozas is a hybrid artist/writer multiclassed as a jack-of-all-trades. In the past 10 years, he worked on dozens of RPG products, usually doing both text and art. His credits include Fiery Dragon’s Counter Collection and BattleBox series. He lives in his native Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with his wife Paula, son Daniel and their pet dire tiger Tyler. His art can be seen at

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