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Half-orcsD&D Insider Article
Winning Races
By James Auwaerfer

Half-orcs are not all fighters, barbarians, and rogues. Some of them refuse to be limited by the traditional strictures of tribes, clans, and gangs. Although an average half-orc is stronger and more dexterous than an average human, individuals vary widely. A particular half-orc might find revelations in the stories of a swordmage hero and be inspired to pursue a similar path, while another might find guidance from a priest or paladin and experience an awakening that leads him to his calling. This article examines the paths and options for half-orcs that become avengers, clerics, paladins, and swordmages.

The guard befriended Ugarth and took him away from the city to a hidden monastery. There, he was trained in the ways of the avenger. Ugarth still has a few tricks from his days on the streets, but he now employs his talents on his god’s behalf, rather than working against him.

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    Jim Auwaerter hails from a small village off the coast of the Lugotak Sea, far to the north of the Moonsea. Please feel free to give feedback to him on the Wizards Community forums or at Follow Jim online at

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