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Goliaths: Giants of WarD&D Insider Article
Winning Races
By Matt James

Some immoral individuals have made a practice of capturing goliath children at play in their mountain homes. Captured goliath slaves are raised in brutal conditions, toughened to pain, and turned into fierce gladiatorial warriors. This article provides you with rules for making your goliath character into a gladiator. A background, several feats, two magic items, and a paragon path should give your character both the flavor of coming from a gladiatorial background as well as rules-based options to back up that story decision for your character.

With a heritage that is deeply seeded in the principles of strength, competition, and glory, goliaths take pride in all they do in life. In battle, few allies are better suited to have at your side than a goliath. Trained and disciplined from a young age, goliaths grow from the strength of the mountains to withstand the hardships, trials, and tribulations of extended conflict.

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