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Winning Races: MulsD&D Insider Article
Beyond the Desert
By Robert J. Schwalb

Of all the unusual races populating the world of Dark Sun, muls are the most iconic. They embody the challenge inherent in the setting while possessing the strength and grit to overcome them. They are peerless warriors, bred for battle, tireless in their pursuits, and unflinching in danger’s face. But plundering is a big part of D&D, and this article shows you one way to plunder one of the more distinctive races on Athas for your own, non-Dark Sun campaign world.

Drow slavers created the first muls in an age long forgotten. The dark elves and their slave soldiers welled up from the Underdark’s blackest depths to silence the ringing hammers of Kög Kragnarn, a mighty dwarven citadel high up in the sprawling mountains called the Shattered Teeth. dwarf captives were dragged in chains to the bowels of the earth, then forced to toil and dig, tearing what adamantine they could from the grasping stone.

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    About the Author

    Robert J. Schwalb is an award-winning game designer who has contributed design to or developed over one hundred roleplaying game titles for Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, A Song of Ice and Fire RPG, Star Wars RPG, and the d20 system. Some of his more recent work for Wizards of the Coast can be found in Player’s Handbook 3, Martial Power 2, and Draconomicon 2: Metallic Dragons. In addition, he’s a regular contributor to both Dragon and Dungeon magazines. Robert lives, works, and will probably die in Tennessee.

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