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Legacy of NerathD&D Insider Article
Drive Back the Darkness
By Jeff Morgenroth

Nerath forms the historical background for the world in many D&D campaigns. Beyond the legends and rare traditions which survived the fall, it is a mystery. In spite of this—or perhaps because of it—Nerathi heritage makes an excellent addition to any character’s background, especially human characters. Incorporating elements of the empire will broaden the cultural and esthetic scope of your campaign as well as your character’s connection to it.

The world’s humans are scattered and divided, engaged in a losing battle against the darkening world and their own ignorance. It wasn’t always so. Once, the splendor of Nerath lit the world with its culture and accomplishments. It united races and governed prosperously. Nerathi architects raised marvels of engineering; its artists composed works capturing the imagination; and its philosophy formed the foundation of humanity’s ideologies. There are those who would see it so again.

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    Jeff Morgenroth lurks on the outskirts of Seattle, where he games, thinks, writes, and tinkers away his days. He pretends to have a real job only so he can contribute regularly to Dungeons & Dragons. He is an avid lover of martial arts, squeaking pie sneaks, orks, and his sweetheart Mariah. Seek him wherever a chorus of frogs drowns out sounds of the highway, or where heavy-metal power chords shatter the still of dark places.

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