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Three Game Days for the "Twos"
RPGA Report
by Chris Tulach

This month, the first of three Worldwide D&D Game Days launches to celebrate the release of Player's Handbook 2. If you've been to the past Game Days, you're probably wondering what's changed and what you can expect this year. If you've never been to a Game Day before, it's a worldwide community event hosted at a gamer-friendly location near you (like a retail store, a gaming convention, or possibly a library) on the event date. Whether you're a 5-year veteran to the event or someone interested in giving it a try for the first time, read on!

Celebrating the "Twos"

On D&D's 30th anniversary year in 2004, we began Worldwide D&D Game Day as a celebration of the Dungeons & Dragons game, designed to get folks out into the community and meet up with other D&D players to celebrate the game we all know and love. It was a great success, and we kept it going annually thereafter. At Game Day, players show up and participate in a ready-to-run adventure that comes with pre-generated characters -- the players need only bring a desire to slay monsters and accomplish heroic deeds (and a set of dice, if they don't want to share). Last year, we decided to add a "launch party" element to Worldwide D&D Game Day, holding it on the weekend of the release of the 4th Edition core rulebooks. We had record numbers of people come out to give the new game a try (a first for many of them). A Game Day on a major rulebook's release weekend was a natural fit for the event, and organizers asked us to hold these events more often. This year, we deliver on that request, as we'll have Worldwide D&D Game Days for each of the "Twos": Player's Handbook 2, Monster Manual 2, and Dungeon Master's Guide 2. As this article is released, the first of the three Game Days -- for Player's Handbook 2 -- is in a matter of days.

Player's Handbook 2 Game Day: March 21

The first of the three Game Days arrives on release weekend for Player's Handbook 2. For this event, we're focusing specifically on the characters. We have four characters that use options from the new book (a gnome bard, a warforged warden, a tiefling invoker, and a drow avenger), and one character (a dragonborn paladin) that gives you an exclusive sneak peek at some new options from Divine Power (due out this July). The characters also scrape the edges of paragon tier, embarking on an 11th-level, 3-hour adventure called One Dark Night in Weeping Briar. Not only is it a chance to try out a new character option, but if you haven't tried paragon-tier play, this is a great way to jump in with the short adventure! Also included as a bonus activity for this Game Day: A trivia sheet designed to test your knowledge of the 4th Edition products that have been released since the launch of the new game last summer.

Monster Manual 2 Game Day: May 23

Take a month to catch your breath, and then come on back to join us for the release of Monster Manual 2 in May! While the format remains the same as the previous Game Day, this time the monsters are the stars, showing off some of the bad guys your D&D party can expect to face from Monster Manual 2. One iconic D&D monster makes his return to the game through the 5th-level adventure Journey through the Silver Caves. Be one of the first to beat down some new baddies when you come to play in this event!

Dungeon Master's Guide 2 Game Day: September 19

Spend your summer trying out the 4th Edition Eberron campaign setting or hit up one of the big conventions (like Origins, Gen Con Indy, or PAX), and then get ready for the final Game Day in the trilogy. This time, we're trying something really different to celebrate Dungeon Master's Guide 2. We're going to let you contribute to the adventure! The Game Day kit for the DMG 2 event contains material to let groups design their own encounters and swap DMs to play each other's adventures. This is the perfect opportunity to take a stab at designing your first encounter, as we provide a step-by-step guide for your group to use the resources provided to challenge other players at the event. We're really excited about this new format, and this summer, we'll have more details on how this event will be a Game Day to remember.

Finding Your Game

If you're looking to participate in any or all of this year's Worldwide D&D Game Day events, we've now made it even easier to find a location close by! Simply go to the D&D Home Page and you'll see a box called "Store & Event Locator" on the left-hand navigation bar. Enter your city, postal code, or country, and you'll be taken to the locator where you can view all the closest Game Day locations. Right now, the locator will display Player's Handbook 2 event locations, but soon after the event is over, the Monster Manual 2 locations will be available. Give it a try -- you never know what new venue you might discover by using the locator!

Meet some new friends, kill monsters and take their stuff, and have fun at Player's Handbook 2 Game Day!

New Living Forgotten Realms Adventures Releasing This Month

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March 4, 2009

CORM1-3 Head above Water
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SPEC1-2 Zhent's Ancient Shadows (Convention Only until July 2, 2009)
Rumors of an ancient artifact, sacred to Shar, have proven all too true. The church of Amaunator has assembled an expedition to return to Zhentil Keep, enter the dangerous twilight-shrouded southern ruins, and destroy the artifact before it can return to its dark mistress. Will you join the followers of the Light on their quest to purge the Shadow? A two-round continuous-play Living Forgotten Realms Special adventure set in Zhentil Keep for characters levels 7-10.

March 11, 2009

LURU1-3 Shades of Blue Fire
A century ago, the Spellplague changed the very face of Faerûn. Now, whispered rumors emerging from the wilderness around Sundabar tell of a hitherto unknown and yet active plagueland surrounding the forsaken and long abandoned village of Dorn's Ford. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Luruar for characters levels 7-10.

March 18, 2009

TYMA1-3 Tools of the Trade
You are asked to investigate "the theft" of caravan goods in the village of Ruinspoke. Aside from the monetary value of the stolen items, the reputation and prestige of House Jalt are at stake. Sometimes an accident is just an accident, and sometimes it's a clue to something far more sinister. Adventuring isn't the only dangerous profession. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Tymanther for characters levels 7-10.

March 25, 2009

BALD1-3 Tome of the Traitor
When a Scribe of Candlekeep betrays his brethren to pursue his own goals, terrible knowledge escapes the walls of the Edificant Library. Who will take the responsibility of wielding this power? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Baldur's Gate for characters levels 7-10.

CORE1-8 Taken
The Night Knives have been punished for the kidnapping of many children in the city of Saerloon and with it the authorities say the crime has been solved and the abductions stopped. But is it ever that simple? What if some say that there are still children missing that need rescuing from a dark fate indeed? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Sembia for characters levels 7-10. Sequel to CORE1-5 Touched by Darkness.

See you next month!

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