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SarifalD&D Insider Article
by Brian R. James

Nestled among the fog-shrouded isles of the Moonshaes rests the kingdom of Sarifal. Home to fey of all shapes, sizes, and varieties, Sarifal is an enchanted realm steeped in dreams and myth. An eldritch wonderland alive with verdant forests and majestic highlands, some whisper that Sarifal isn't of this world at all, but is in fact a swath of the Feywild transplanted to Toril for nefarious design.

Outsiders see Sarifal as a sylvan paradise governed by a strong yet enigmatic leader -- an image the ruling matriarch works hard to cultivate. Those born to the region, however, know that life within Sarifal is a delicate chess match between several powers, capricious archfey, depraved fomorians, spirit lords, and more. So far the High Lady and the few remaining of her kind have been able to maintain the delicate balance of power. But for how long?

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    About the Author

    Brian R. James is a freelance game designer working exclusively for Wizards of the Coast. His credits include Open Grave, The Grand History of the Realms, Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, and the forthcoming Underdark sourcebook. You may follow Brian's random thoughts online at

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