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Elminster Must Die! #15-21
by Ed Greenwood

Some call him Elminster the Damned.
To others, he is Elminster the Doomed.
Many believe he has died, and is now a roaming ghost—or that
fell wizards borrow his name to drench it in blame for their villainies.
Others believe he lives still, a man both mad and evil, and have
taken up the cry “Elminster must die!”
(Elminster usually counts himself as part of that last group.)

The Year of the Ageless One had brought early and warm spring to Shadowdale, an endless parade of short but drenching rains with muggy days between.

So begins Elminster Must Die!, the debut 4th Edition appearance of the famed Sage of Shadowdale. As a preview of the forthcoming novel, we're pleased to offer the following Realmslore—courtesy of Ed Greenwood himself—teasing each chapter (including each chapter's opening line).

Look for further Realmslore in the following weeks, leading up to Elminster Must Die!'s August 3rd release (just in time for Gen Con).

Chapter Fifteen

Enter a Lord, Laughing

Why then if the kingdom needs saving again,
From villainous king or tyrannical wizard of war
We need new heroes to be our Dragon!
Look! Ho! Yonder!
Enter a lord, laughing—and behold!
We have a new hero to admire,
Until his dark heart in turn is revealed.

said by Goodman Ruskar Manycoats
in Act II, Scene I of the play
The Galloping Knight of Cormyr
anonymously chapbook published
in the Year of the Halls Unhaunted

In the sumptuous heart of pink-walled Delcastle Manor, there were rooms most visitors never saw.

Chapter Sixteen

Something of an Uproar

My lord king, pray pay thee no heed
To those flames at the windows,
Nor the heads on pikes outside the door.
A foul traitor hath done a dark deed,
To most shamefully goad and taunt those
Who’ve now roused something of an uproar.

said by Arkrashos the Sage
in Act I, Scene VI of the play
Old King Sorrowhelm
by Stornald Merritree
first chapbook published
in the Year of the Scroll

The broth was good.

Chapter Seventeen

Wizards Go to War

Lock the door, let loose the hounds,
Our lives will be peaceful no more.
Trust in no laws nor all daily rounds,
The wizards are going to war.

from the Cormyrean ballad
Our Wizards of War
(composer unknown)
first heard in Suzail, circa
The Year of the Turret

Mreldrake gave the Purple Dragons a nod and an unpleasant smile, and disappeared rather hastily back through the door he’d come from.

Chapter Eighteen

Talons and Peacocks and Worse

Bright fire races round my mind again,
Burning through my little brain,
I may soon make many die if I
Hear one more stlarned-fool jaunty verse
Of sparkling-sharp talons, and peacocks, and worse.

from the ballad
Old Lord Ratturbury
composed by Lalanth Tarntapple
Bard Wayward of Suzail
in the Year of the Forged Sigil

Marlin Stormserpent loved the Old King’s Favorite.

Chapter Nineteen

Expecting Much Blood

He is a fool who sends any realm into war
With eyes full of glory and thoughts of easy victory.
His thinking should instead be of loss,
And his days and nights spent expecting much blood.

Mardrukh Noraeyn
Sage of Zazesspur
Mardrukh’s Musings
published in the Year of the
Sheltered Viper

Storm slowed a little, to try to catch her breath.

Chapter Twenty

When Vengeful Ghosts Walk

Young men so proud, and foolish, and bold,
Pray ye hear and heed well when I talk.
There’s no doom old, no night so cold,
As a night when vengeful ghosts walk.

from the ballad
A Little Dark Wisdom
composed by Tamyth Larandree
Lady Minstrel of Mintarn
in the Year of the Blackened Moon

“You’re armed for real trouble? Good, good.”

Chapter Twenty-One

A Night of Swords and Blood

I see men screaming and running,
And many things swept away,
After it begins as so much tumult does:
In a night of swords and blood.

said by Yarauva the Blue Seer
in Act I, Scene I of the play
New Thrones for Old
anonymously chapbook published
in the Year of the Haunting

After one long look that he knew had left him hotly blushing, Delnor kept his eyes on the rush-strewn floor as he hastened through the tables of the Dragonriders’ Club.

About the Author

Ed Greenwood is the man who unleashed the Forgotten Realms on an unsuspecting world. He works in libraries, writes fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery, and even romance stories (sometimes all in the same novel), but he is still happiest churning out Realmslore, Realmslore, and more Realmslore. There are still a few rooms in his house with space left to pile up papers in ...

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