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Depths of Avarice
by Tim Hitchcock

An inheritance should be something you enjoy, but not for Valmour Tessount. His father’s mine stopped producing long ago, and only an unexpected discovery in his father’s papers has the estranged son eager to explore his new acquisition. But then miners went missing, and Valmour is doing anything he can to salvage the situation. But more importantly, what lurks in the depths of Tessount’s Folly, were it to get loose, could cause problems for more than the mine’s owner.

The black-sheep son of prominent aristocrats, Valmour Tessount found himself written out of his father’s will when his hedonistic behavior shamed his family once too often. In an uncharacteristically public display, the senior Tessount announced that he would bequeath his entire estate to Valmour’s younger brother Sanoped. In response, Valmour pilfered a sizable cache of gems from the family vaults, took up the path of the warlord, and embarked on a life of debauchery and ill-fated adventures. Now, the prodigal son has a chance to restore his fortunes, but a deadly curse stands between him and the wealth he claims as his birthright.

About the Author

Tim Hitchcock has been a prolific contributor to Dungeon for years now. This is his first 4th Edition adventure, which he designed with unfinished core books. The staff thinks that despite this handicap, Tim did a fantastic job.

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