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Tariff of Relkingham
by Eytan Bernstein

The goddess Erathis has never demanded human sacrifice to preserve the safety of trade routes before, so what has changed? Mysteries abound as the leader of a small trading nation debates whether to do as her vizier, a priest of Erathis, has recommended, or risk the wrath of the goddess. When she turns to the PCs for help, they must race to ascertain whether the request is legitimate or whether something else is at stake. An adventure for 3rd-level characters.

Over a month ago, Founder Neelani, the leader of Delornen, made it known that she was considering a sacrifice tariff in which trading parties must provide a sacrifice to Erathis each year in return for the right to use the Relkingham Waterway. She has hope that doing so will allow Erathis to bring rain to the land, since her people are currently dealing with a long-term drought that has brought great hardship to all who live in Delornen. Small groups who use the waterway, such as trading costers, might be required to have their traders sacrifice hands or eyes. Larger groups, such as those representing towns or even nations, are required to bring human sacrifices. Avonathemon, Founder Neelani's mysterious vizier, was the one who proposed it, but the citizens of Relkingham oppose the tariff. They believe that others should pay a reasonable fee for use of the waterway and feel that human sacrifice of any sort is barbaric.

About the Author

Eytan Bernstein hails from exotic Long Island and spends his days writing and editing projects for numerous game companies. In addition to his work on Dragons of Faerun, Adventurer's Vault, and numerous other projects, Eytan serves as a partner and PR and Marketing Manager for Silven Publishing, enjoys hunting for gems and minerals in rock quarries, studying religion and theology, composing music, and playing with his many pets. Check here for more information about Eytan.

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