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Remains of the EmpireD&D Insider Article
by Kolja Raven Liquette

Elkridge is a pleasant, peaceful valley, home to a community of farmers and artisans unaccustomed to the ways of violence. When wild drakes descend on the valley, attacking livestock and citizens alike, the locals need the help of experienced warriors for protection. Beyond the immediate need for defense is the larger question of where these creatures come from, why they are attacking the valley, and how it's all connected to the region's dim past. Remains of the Empire is an adventure for 3rd-level PCs.

Long ago, when the Dragonborn Empire of Arkhosia thrived, Ustraternes, one of many airborne dragonborn citadels, was undone. Tiefling wizards unraveled the magic that levitated the dragonborn fortresses high above the clouds and began bringing them down. One by one, the floating citadels fell to earth. When Ustraternes crashed into an alpine peak, it cracked open like an egg, scattering the sundered pieces in all directions. The mountain thereafter became known as Morningfall Summit, its original name erased from history.

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    About the Author

    Kolja Raven Liquette divides his professional time between writing for books, D&D, and film. His recent credits include Races of the Dragon and Adventurers Vault. While Kolja has been known to perform on occasion, this happens more by accident rather than design.

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