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Oasis of the Golden PeacockD&D Insider Article
An Adventure for 7th-level Characters
by Tim Eagon

Eladrin raiders are striking out of the desert, descending on towns and settlements along the desert's fringe to steal food, camels, cloth, trade goods, and ... books? Now they've kidnapped a prominent scholar, and his supporters are finally moved to hire adventurers in order to uncover the truth behind these odd occurrences. The truth will turn out to be even stranger, as heroes enter an oasis deep in the desert that attracts avian life of every variety. Oasis of the Golden Peacock is an adventure for 7th-level characters.

The oasis is a mysterious, primal locale that has existed perhaps since the dawn of creation. After its discovery, the Order's hierophants speculated that the oasis was spontaneously created by a previously unknown fey crossing, a hidden portal to the Feywild. The torrent of primal energy released by this supposed portal had another, unexplained effect; it attracted all sorts of feathered creatures to it, and birds became the oasis's prevailing form of wildlife, a dominance that continues to this day.

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    About the Author

    "Oasis of the Golden Peacock" is Tim Eagon’s first published RPG work. He would like to thank his fiancée Jeanneen for twice putting up with all the long hours spent writing it.

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