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Explore Airspur: Villains and VagabondsD&D Insider Article
More Shady Characters of Akanul
by Matt James

The city of Airspur is endlessly fascinating as a site for adventure and intrigue. In this article, you'll meet Alyshex, the half-orc weapons dealer; Kevrick, the Vistani elder; and Valshelar, a genasi whose ambitions and motivations are never clear. You'll also discover the beauty and majesty of Akanawater Falls -- and the mystery that lies beneath this crushing cascade.

The beauty and majesty of Airspur is rivaled by none with its colorful hues and gentle flowing water beneath breathtaking earth motes. It is that which stirs underneath the calm facade of this genasi city that brings the unseen, let alone understood, and the uncertainty of the night. As with each city in Faerün, there is always another side; one that many choose to ignore or are simply too afraid to acknowledge.

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