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A Chance EncounterD&D Insider Article
A Chaos Scar Adventure
by Robert J. Schwalb

“A Chance Encounter” is a single combat encounter for a group of five 1st-level characters set in the Chaos Scar. The adventurers find a wagon sinking into a hole despite the best efforts of the horse struggling to pull it free. Yellow-robed attendants fight to raise the wagon , but its slide and the horse’s screams suggest their efforts are futile. When the heroes lend a hand, they find that their good intentions are met with cold steel, bitter curses, and a wild three-way fight.

In a village not far from the Chaos Scar, a simple trader named Pung made a poor investment. A curious glass box came into his possession by way of a grubby adventurer. It was curious, but a crude piece compared to the jewels and other items the seller offered. With the adventurer a few gold pieces richer, Pung went about his business, the box nearly forgotten. But that night, unsettling images plagued his dreams, and they continued each night thereafter, growing more disturbing, until his fraying sanity unraveled altogether.

(For details on the Chaos Scar and its environs, read the Chaos Scar introduction and check out the map of the entire valley. Then check out and join the Chaos Scar group on the D&D Community pages.)

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    About the Author

    Robert J. Schwalb is an award-winning game designer whose more recent work can be found in Martial Power 2, Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons, and Primal Power. Robert lives in Tennessee.

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