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Sealing the PactD&D Insider Article
Developing Patrons for Warlocks
by Jeff Morgenroth and Arnie Franke

This article explores the opportunity provided by a warlock’s pact as an impetus for unique adventures. This includes advice on ways you can work with a warlock’s player to develop a patron using material from Dragon #381’s “Performing the Pact,” as well as a few key points to consider when designing adventures based around that patron. You’ll find guidelines on how to bring the warlock’s inhuman patron to life, complete with roleplaying suggestions and tips for wielding its immense power in ways that will appeal to your group.

Even in death there are tolls to pay, and the Guidesman would punish those that subvert the orderly transition of souls to the Shadowfell. Though only able to manifest as an eldritch lantern, this signal is enough to set the death-spirit’s vestige warlocks into action against necromancers and restless spirits.

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    About the Authors

    Lurking in the outskirts of Seattle, Jeff Morgenroth has mastered fires of endless academia and the soulless drudgery of the skittering rat-race, at last making his pact with the baleful entities at Wizards of the Coast. He edited a portion of Monster Manual 2, and it is prophesized that his name will defile the pages of more books soon.

    Once every five hundred years (starting now) the dark and unnatural clouds vigilantly shrouding the towering heights of Arnie Franke’s third story apartment dissipate. On these nights, the peasants of Seattle’s northlands gather in fearful speculation: “He’s an illustrator!” “Copywriter!” “Designer!” “Nay, ‘tis written that he toils endlessly as a freelance advertising creative fantastique.” Too late these simple folk will realize that Arnie Franke, looking down upon them in smug majesty, is all of these things, and more.

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