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Fortress of Fading Dreams
by Jeff LaSala

Those who venture too far into the dark woods of the Lhazaar hinterlands discover a very real and very malevolent presence: Taer Lian Doresh, the Fortress of Fading Dreams. Formerly one of the seven shining jewels of Thelanis, now it is a place of living nightmares and waking horror. The giants who once reigned on Eberron pillaged the tower and enslaved its occupants. The eladrin rebuilt their citadel into a fortress of destruction and vengeance, but it only led them to an even worse fate: banishment to Dal Quor.

Nearly every legend told of the eladrin makes mention of one of the mythic feyspires, the glorious cities of Thelanis, the Feywild. Yet of the seven fabled spires, few tales in the current age speak of Shae Doresh, the Spire of Dreams. When asked of its fate, the eladrin cast their eyes to the ground and grow reticent to speak of the deep past. Shae Doresh has been deemed lost to Thelanis and eladrin both, though whispers of the fey suggest it survives somewhere.

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    About the Author

    Jeff LaSala is a writer of speculative fiction and an artificer of RPGs. His Eberron novel, The Darkwood Mask, was nominated for the Scribe Award and showcases his love for all things dark, monstrous, and masked. Many of his ideas are drawn from the cthonic depths of New York City, where he (roll 1d4)... (1) Dwells with an Argentine mermaid—and even married her; (2) Masquerades as a normal person; (3) Imagines a world splintered into sorry hemispheres; (4) Lurks like a gargoyle over his website:

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