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Elves of the ValleyD&D Insider Article
A Chaos Scar Adventure
by Robert J. Schwalb

"Elves of the Valley" takes place in the Chaos Scar, in a wood not far from the King’s Wall. It pits the adventurers against fey bandits corrupted by a demonic entity recently escaped from deeper within the valley. To defeat the growing evil, the adventurers must confront the bandits, navigate an enchanted wood, and confront the darkness staining the copse’s heart. If you’re not playing a Chaos Scar campaign, you can tie the adventure to any wilderness setting not far from a frontier settlement. "Elves of the Valley" is a short adventure for five 1st-level characters.

You emerge from the malicious woods and find yourselves in a wide clearing littered with ruins. Evil radiates from a large tree with black bark and bare branches that rises from a depression in the clearing’s center. Tangled, thorny vines twitch and creep around the tree. Across the clearing, an old monolith crawling with runes stands atop a bare hillock.

(For details on the Chaos Scar and its environs, read the Chaos Scar introduction and check out the map of the entire valley. Then check out and join the Chaos Scar group on the D&D Community pages.)

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    About the Author

    Robert J. Schwalb is an award-winning game designer whose work can be found in numerous roleplaying sourcebooks and accessories. His most recent work can be found in the Dark Sun Campaign Setting, Dark Sun Creature Catalog, Monster Manual 3, and Player’s Handbook 3. Robert lives in Tennessee.

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