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Wrath of Ashardalon Bonus Adventures
Servants of the Thunder Shaman
Peter Lee

We’ve just released the second D&D Adventure System board game, Wrath of Ashardalon, the first being last year’s Castle Ravenloft. If you have both games, a whole new world of fun is open to you!

These bonus adventures require both the Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Ashardalon board games. Unless otherwise noted, they use the standard adventure rules presented in the Rulebook and Adventure Book.

(321 Kbs PDF)

Adventure 1: The Lost Souls

During a recent orc raid, several villagers were abducted.

Objective: Find the Villagers and lead them out of the crypt.

You’ve tracked the abducted villagers to a nearby crypt. You can hear their hoarse cries for help. As you descend the stairs, you wonder about the orcs’ odd behavior—they never take prisoners.

Adventure 2: The Trap

An evil hag has allied with the Orc King!

Objective: Defeat the Hag hiding in the Workshop.

You sit with the surviving villagers in a local inn. “The orcs kept muttering the name ‘Eva’ when they were discussing our fate,” says Alek. You have heard of an isolated witch by that name who lives near the orc hold. If you don’t stop her, she is bound to kidnap more villagers.

Adventure 3: The Shaman and the Servant

Defeat the orc shaman before his flesh golem attacks the village!

Objective: Defeat the Orc Shaman and the Flesh Golem.

By following the enormous tracks of the witch’s first experiment, you find an ancient dungeon at the edge of the orc lands. This must be the orc shaman’s home.

Peter Lee
Peter joined Wizards of the Coast in 2008 as the lead designer for the D&D Miniatures line. Since then, Peter has worked on projects for the D&D Roleplaying Game, D&D Miniatures, Star Wars Miniatures, and Heroscape. Peter is also an accomplished miniature painter and sculptor.
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