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Haven of the Bitter GlassD&D Insider Article
The Scales of War Adventure Path: part 9
by Kevin Kulp

The heroes must thwart a sophisticated and manipulative githyanki spy whose diplomatic skills have assured him safety within a human city. In the process, they can save potential githzerai allies from extermination, forge an alliance, infiltrate high society, and disrupt the lines of githyanki communication -- which will change the course of war. "Haven of the Bitter Glass" is an adventure for five 12th-level characters.

In their cities and citadels on the Astral Sea, the githyanki tasked with ensuring success for the upcoming war struggled with a problem: How best to handle communication between different heads of the vast githyanki army? The new githyanki overlord, Emperor Zetch'r'r, was not as magically adept as the late Queen Vlaakith, and the mortal world was vast; it would only be through surprise, strength, and communication that they would carry the day and annihilate their enemies.

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    About the Author

    In addition to helping run the D&D fan site EN World (, Kevin Kulp is a Boston-based writer and computer game designer.

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