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Crafty VillainsD&D Insider Article
Campaign Workshop
By Cal Moore

The two villains described in this article—Tulka Deathrattle and Scarlet Jax—are convenient opponents to drop into an ongoing adventure or to build new adventures around. The are leaders of their respective groups, but either can also be played as the servant of a greater power. Tulka Deathrattle, an orc death shaman, is a good opponent for characters in the lower heroic tier. Scarlet Jax, a half-elf rake, is a fitting enemy for characters in the upper heroic tier.

With the transformation, Tulka walked hand in hand with death rather than life. Her spirit companion fled her and was replaced by an undead death viper—a skinless, decaying, semitranslucent skeletal snake whose bite brings death. To match her changed disposition, Tulka began painting her face to resemble a skull and took up a new implement: a staff carved as a viper and covered in dead snake skins.

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    About the Authors

    Cal Moore joined Wizards of the Coast in 2000 as an editor for the Showdown line of sports TCGs. He has contributed to a wide range of trading card games, miniatures games, Avalon Hill games, and Dungeons & Dragons games, books, and articles.

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