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Force of NatureD&D Insider Article
An adventure for characters of levels 9-11
by Kolja Raven Liquette

“Force of Nature” takes place in and around the village of Elkridge, which is threatened by yuan-ti and a colossus from the Feywild called a sovereign elk. The heroes must determine how to stop this archfey creature, negotiate the Feywild breach through which the sovereign elk emerged, and figure out why it marches toward the Stormbolt Highlands.

This Dungeons & Dragons adventure is designed for characters of levels 9–11. The village of Elkridge and the surrounding area have previously appeared in “Remains of the Empire” (Dungeon 165) and “The Tyrant’s Oath” (Dungeon 178). These locations can be dropped into any campaign setting.

About the Author

Kolja Raven Liquette began writing Dungeons & Dragons game material when he was 8 years old, immediately after somebody handed him a character sheet with the word “ranger” scrawled across the top. He was told to roll dice occasionally, had only the vaguest understanding of what was happening, but knew that he wanted to keep doing it at least once a week. After writing for numerous D&D supplements, Kolja has taken to the region of Elkridge. “Force of Nature” is the third published adventure set in this region.

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