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Kyrzin, the Prince of SlimeD&D Insider Article
Eye on Eberron
by Keith Baker

The people of Khorvaire know that reality is fragile. The walls between the planes can fall at any time. Nightmares are real. Ancient fiends are bound in the underworld, and who can say just how long those bonds will hold?

Every nation deals with its fears in different ways. In Karrnath, the dead are bound to serve the living. The Church of the Silver Flame provides a source of hope, and yet in some places its light doesn’t shine. For instance, the Shadow Marches remains on the fringes of civilization, beyond the Code of Galifar and the influence of the church. The people of the Marches know stories older than human civilization on Khorvaire: tales of the goblin empire and the lords of madness that destroyed it. Each generation, mothers tell their children how Belashyrra steals the eyes of boys and girls who don’t finish their klurhn roots. Though the Lord of Eyes is well known in the stories of the Marches, another daelkyr has still greater influence in the region: Kyrzin, the Prince of Slime.

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    Keith Baker is an award-winning game designer and novelist best known for his work on the Eberron® Campaign Setting and the card game Gloom. His most recent novel is The Fading Dream, the third in the Thorn of Breland series. Follow Keith on Twitter as @HellcowKeith.

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