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Temple of the Weeping GoddessD&D Insider Article
An adventure for level 0 characters
by Philippe-Antoine Menard

I n “Temple of the Weeping Goddess,” a group of gifted orphans are sent by their mad caretaker to a ruined temple in the Elemental Chaos. They are tasked with rescuing the long-lost aspect of the goddess Avandra, who decades ago destroyed the temple. Freeing her from her self-made prison is going to be the fledging adventurers’ first test as heroes.

To complicate matters, the temple is being ransacked by a crew of recently marooned goblin pirates led by an unseen being called the Storm Prince. The goblins are scouring the ruins for a treasure and a way out.

Rules for creating and playing level 0 characters can be found in “A Hero’s First Steps” (Dragon 403). After completing this adventure, the characters advance to level 1.

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