News Archive | 10/18/2012
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D&D T-Shirts Pre-Sale

The Araca Group sets the new benchmark in entertainment merchandise—and they've now launched the latest line in Dungeons & Dragons T-shirts, which include the following old-school designs.

With the pre-sale of their D&D T-shirt line, we wanted to ask which of their 6 designs appeals to you most—with the winning design (for both men's and women's, when available) to be discounted 10% during the pre-sale taking place until October 29th.

Voting has now closed! With 25.9% of the vote, #5: Dice Ampersand was chosen as your favorite design.
Our thanks for your participation, and we hope you enjoy the selection offered at Araca.

#1. Blue Box Retro Tee

#2. Dwarven Ale

#3. Fire Ampersand

#4. Minotaur

#5. Dice Ampersand

#6. Red Box Retro Tee

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