Cartoons Archive | 9/21/2010
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Cartoon: Lords of Madness

The latest DDM miniatures set, Lords of Madness, has just released. To help celebrate, we've asked Jared von Hindman of to create a set of cartoons behind the minis.


(3.6 Mbs ZIP)

About the Artist

Jared von Hindman is an artist and sometime comedian who "dug too deep" while researching Stupid Monsters of Dungeons & Dragons. He awoke something Dire and horrible (perhaps Fiendish, even) and now he spends his days playing with plastic elves and illustrating new and creative ways to kill goblins. Currently he resides in Berlin with an older woman and a snake named Slinky. He’s not sure why his pet needs to be included in his bio, but all the cool kids seem to be doing it and Jared's a sucker for peer pressure.

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