Playtest Archive | 7/29/2011
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Warlock Rules Updates

As part of our six-month development review process, we took a look at the warlock class from the Player’s Handbook, amid player concerns that the class emphasized control effects over damage output. We presented our initial results in early June as a playtest, and received a great deal of feedback on many different aspects of the review.

Most respondents were quite pleased with the power damage increases and the change in Warlock’s Curse damage from once per round to once per turn. Several community members wrote in to bemoan the plight of the star pact warlock, who relies equally on Charisma and Constitution as primary stats. Fear not, Far Realm lovers; you can now use Charisma or Constitution with dire radiance. You can also look forward to a future Dragon article by Bruce Cordell exploring new possibilities for Constitution-based star pact warlocks.

The changes to the playtest of the warlock updates are noted in blue in the pdf below. In addition, the changes will be incorporated in the rules update and errata page next month, and they will appear in the tools in September.

(1.5 Mbs PDF)
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