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D&D Game Day is a celebration of
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Vault of the Dracolich Game Day: June 15, 2013

The D&D Vault of the Dracolich Game Day is a multi-table roleplaying event that brings communities of players together for a shared gaming experience.

Vault of the Dracolich is a D&D Next adventure designed for four to six 4th-level characters, in an epic quest to retrieve a magic item hidden away by a powerful dracolich. This adventure is intended to be playable in 2 to 5 hours at your local Wizards Play Network location.Players will be divided into multiple tables, each with their own Dungeon Master, with an event coordinator leading the action.

What Do I Need to Play?

This Game Day will run using the latest D&D Next playtest rules available for download at dndnext.com.

  • Dungeon Masters must be signed up for the playtest before the event.
  • Players may sign up for the playtest, and use the downloadable rules materials to create their own 4th level characters.
  • Pregenerated characters will be posted in the June D&D Next playtest packet update, similar to the pregenerated characters currently included in the packet. Dungeon Masters and organizers can download them by accessing the playtest through dndnext.com.
  • Playtest agreement sheets are included in the Game Day kit for players that do not sign up for the playtest before the event.

Use the Store & Event Locator to find a Game Day location near you. If you’re an organizer at a Core level or above WPN store, click here.

Treasure and Glory Await!

Deep in the forest of Cormanthor lies the hoard of the dracolich Dretchroyaster, the prize of which is a diamond staff rumored to unlock the secrets of an ancient elven kingdom. The sage Imani is seeking dozens of adventurers to launch an all-out assault on the undead dragon’s lair. The dracolich is a powerful foe—too great for even several parties to conquer—so it’s going to take all of the heroes’ courage, cunning, and speed to survive the dracolich’s deadly vault.

Vault of the Dracolich draws inspiration from the interactive format used at some gaming conventions. As part of this experience, players and DMs have the opportunity to communicate with other game tables, while the event coordinator takes on the role of the dracolich to menace each group.

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