In celebration of D&D and its vast array of dungeons, we've created the following cartoon walkthroughs—to help you survive the perils of the game!
Take on the role of a commander, sending a warband to battle the forces arrayed against you. Will your command ability carry the day against your opponent?
At Emerald City Comicon, none other than Felicia Day stopped to talk D&D, Geek & Sundry, and National TableTop Day!

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Wallpaper: The Reaver (content has no category) Wallpapers 02/04/14
Wallpaper: The Adversary (content has no category) Wallpapers 12/23/13
Wallpaper: The Godborn (content has no category) Wallpapers 10/02/13
Wallpaper: The Companions (content has no category) Wallpapers 08/28/13
Wallpaper: Sundering (content has no category) Wallpapers 08/16/13
Wallpaper: Vault of the Dracolich (content has no category) Wallpapers 06/19/13
Wallpaper: D&D Encounters (content has no category) Wallpapers 06/13/13
D&D Next Wallpaper (content has no category) Wallpapers 04/19/13
The Last Threshold Wallpaper (content has no category) Wallpapers 03/19/13
Dungeon Command: Set 2 (content has no category) Wallpapers 08/29/12
Dungeon Command: Set 1 (content has no category) Wallpapers 08/08/12
Lair Assault: Spiderkiller Wallpapers (content has no category) Wallpapers 07/11/12
War of the Spider Queen II Wallpapers (content has no category) Wallpapers 06/20/12
War of the Spider Queen Wallpapers (content has no category) Wallpapers 05/30/12
Against the Giants Wallpapers (content has no category) Wallpapers 05/09/12
Dungeon Survival Handbook Wallpapers (content has no category) Wallpapers 04/23/12
Drow Wallpapers (content has no category) Wallpapers 04/12/12
Gamma World Wallpapers Dark Sun Wallpapers 12/22/10
Dark Sun Wallpapers Dark Sun Wallpapers 08/11/10
MM3 Wallpapers D&D Wallpapers 06/29/10
Monster Slayers Wallpapers D&D Wallpapers 05/20/10
Underdark D&D Wallpapers 01/19/10
Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons D&D Wallpapers 11/18/09
Word of Traitors Novels Wallpapers 09/30/09
Dungeon Master's Guide 2 D&D Wallpapers 09/21/09
Subscriber Only Content Subscriber Only Content
Neverwinter: April Fool's
Neverwinter introduces the playable dragon race.
NW: Curse of Icewind Dale
The third free expansion module for Neverwinter: Curse of Icewind Dale.
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Trailer
Kidnapped. Imprisoned. Tortured. The wizard Irenicus holds you captive in his stronghold...
Capcom: Livestream
Miss the Penny Arcade D&D livestream? Watch it right here...
Capcom: Magic-User
Magic-Users are capable of unleashing a vast variety of powerful spells on their foes.
Capcom: Thief
The Thief is an irresistible blend of speed, utility, and blowing stuff up.
Capcom: Dwarf
The Dwarf is the frontline combatant of the party, with the highest stamina and attack power!
Capcom: Elf
The Elf is one of the most agile vocations in the game, with lots of swift sword moves and acrobatics at her disposal.
Neverwinter: Opening
Watch the exciting opening cinematic as adventurers prepare to combat Valindra Shadowmantle in order to protect the city of Neverwinter.
Capcom: Cleric
Have your cake and eat it too with the Cleric class, skilled in both heavy-hitting melee and powerful magic spells.
Capcom: Fighter
With relatively safe, quick, and powerful melee attacks, Fighters could safely be dubbed the "no nonsense" class.
Video: Control Wizard
The Control Wizard class in Neverwinter dictates the terms of battle, warping reality itself with powerful magic.
Video: Neverwinter Founders
Neverwinter Beta is about to begin and now is your chance to grab a Founder's Pack.
Video: Keynote Address
The first-ever Gen Con keynote address ("The Future of Dungeons & Dragons").
Video: Creating the Core 1
R&D talks about their approach to designing the system's core rules and classes (Part 1).
Video: Creating the Core 2
R&D talks about their approach to designing the system's core rules and classes (Part 2).
Dungeon Command
Take a look inside the latest miniatures game, Dungeon Command!
Daggerdale - PlayStation Network
D&D Daggerdale has now released on the PlayStation Network!
Heroes of Neverwinter
Launch Video
Conquest of Nerath
Rodney Thompson walks through the play mechanics of Conquest of Nerath.
Daggerdale - Motion Comics Trailer
Daggerdale Art/Video
Daggerdale - The Fighter
Unleash your power. Master your weapons.
DDO Three-Barrel Cove
Uncover the treasure of Two-toed Tobias.
Daggerdale Trailer
Prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure.
Video: Castle Ravenloft Unboxing
Mike Mearls unveils Castle Ravenloft in the D&D Adventure Game series.
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