In celebration of D&D and its vast array of dungeons, we've created the following cartoon walkthroughs—to help you survive the perils of the game!
Join "DM to the Stars" Chris Perkins, Gabe, Tycho, Scott Kurtz and Morgan Webb as they guide Jim Darkmagic, Binwin, Omin and the newest intern through an unscripted D&D adventure before a live audience.
The D&D Podcast returns for a very special interview. This episode's guest happens to be the creative mind behind NBC's Community… none other than Dan Harmon himself!

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Title Series Category Date
Wallpaper: Tyranny of Dragons (content has no category) Wallpapers 05/22/14
Wallpaper: The Sentinel (content has no category) Wallpapers 04/30/14
Wallpaper: The Reaver (content has no category) Wallpapers 02/04/14
Wallpaper: The Adversary (content has no category) Wallpapers 12/23/13
Wallpaper: The Godborn (content has no category) Wallpapers 10/02/13
Wallpaper: The Companions (content has no category) Wallpapers 08/28/13
Wallpaper: Sundering (content has no category) Wallpapers 08/16/13
Wallpaper: Vault of the Dracolich (content has no category) Wallpapers 06/19/13
Wallpaper: D&D Encounters (content has no category) Wallpapers 06/13/13
D&D Next Wallpaper (content has no category) Wallpapers 04/19/13
The Last Threshold Wallpaper (content has no category) Wallpapers 03/19/13
Dungeon Command: Set 2 (content has no category) Wallpapers 08/29/12
Dungeon Command: Set 1 (content has no category) Wallpapers 08/08/12
Lair Assault: Spiderkiller Wallpapers (content has no category) Wallpapers 07/11/12
War of the Spider Queen II Wallpapers (content has no category) Wallpapers 06/20/12
War of the Spider Queen Wallpapers (content has no category) Wallpapers 05/30/12
Against the Giants Wallpapers (content has no category) Wallpapers 05/09/12
Dungeon Survival Handbook Wallpapers (content has no category) Wallpapers 04/23/12
Drow Wallpapers (content has no category) Wallpapers 04/12/12
Gamma World Wallpapers Dark Sun Wallpapers 12/22/10
Dark Sun Wallpapers Dark Sun Wallpapers 08/11/10
MM3 Wallpapers D&D Wallpapers 06/29/10
Monster Slayers Wallpapers D&D Wallpapers 05/20/10
Underdark D&D Wallpapers 01/19/10
Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons D&D Wallpapers 11/18/09
Subscriber Only Content Subscriber Only Content
Neverwinter: Icewind Dale
Learn about the Lore of Icewind Dale in the latest Module 3 Trailer.
Neverwinter: April Fool's
Neverwinter introduces the playable dragon race.
NW: Curse of Icewind Dale
The third free expansion module for Neverwinter: Curse of Icewind Dale.
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Trailer
Kidnapped. Imprisoned. Tortured. The wizard Irenicus holds you captive in his stronghold...
Capcom: Livestream
Miss the Penny Arcade D&D livestream? Watch it right here...
Capcom: Magic-User
Magic-Users are capable of unleashing a vast variety of powerful spells on their foes.
Capcom: Thief
The Thief is an irresistible blend of speed, utility, and blowing stuff up.
Capcom: Dwarf
The Dwarf is the frontline combatant of the party, with the highest stamina and attack power!
Capcom: Elf
The Elf is one of the most agile vocations in the game, with lots of swift sword moves and acrobatics at her disposal.
Neverwinter: Opening
Watch the exciting opening cinematic as adventurers prepare to combat Valindra Shadowmantle in order to protect the city of Neverwinter.
Capcom: Cleric
Have your cake and eat it too with the Cleric class, skilled in both heavy-hitting melee and powerful magic spells.
Capcom: Fighter
With relatively safe, quick, and powerful melee attacks, Fighters could safely be dubbed the "no nonsense" class.
Video: Control Wizard
The Control Wizard class in Neverwinter dictates the terms of battle, warping reality itself with powerful magic.
Video: Neverwinter Founders
Neverwinter Beta is about to begin and now is your chance to grab a Founder's Pack.
Video: Keynote Address
The first-ever Gen Con keynote address ("The Future of Dungeons & Dragons").
Video: Creating the Core 1
R&D talks about their approach to designing the system's core rules and classes (Part 1).
Video: Creating the Core 2
R&D talks about their approach to designing the system's core rules and classes (Part 2).
Dungeon Command
Take a look inside the latest miniatures game, Dungeon Command!
Daggerdale - PlayStation Network
D&D Daggerdale has now released on the PlayStation Network!
Heroes of Neverwinter
Launch Video
Conquest of Nerath
Rodney Thompson walks through the play mechanics of Conquest of Nerath.
Daggerdale - Motion Comics Trailer
Daggerdale Art/Video
Daggerdale - The Fighter
Unleash your power. Master your weapons.
DDO Three-Barrel Cove
Uncover the treasure of Two-toed Tobias.
Daggerdale Trailer
Prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure.
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