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Paragon Path
Heroes of Shadow Excerpts

When your character reaches 11th level, you select a paragon path from among the options available to you. Your class describes your basic role, but your paragon path represents a particular area of expertise or interest. It grants you new features and powers from 11th level to 20th level. In addition to an association with part of the lore of the Dungeons & Dragons universe, you gain capabilities that enhance and complement the abilities of your class.

The paragon paths presented in Heroes of Shadow have some connection to shadow magic, representing special training or ties to the Shadowfell—allowing you to alter your character in fundamental ways. Today, we’ll introduce each of the paths.

Your Character’s Path

A paragon path represents an important commitment on the part of your character. It provides abilities and powers that remain with you throughout the paragon and epic tiers. In addition, many paragon paths are linked to an organization or an ethos—often the one that first helped to create the path, and through which your character will learn to master the abilities granted by the path.

Consider how your character interacts with his or her paragon path. Does a paragon path have a connection to an order that your character has long sought to join? Does a path connect to your character’s background or history in some way? Has your character been in previous contact with other members of the path’s order or guild? Establishing these sorts of connections between a paragon path, your character’s life, and the campaign as a whole can help make that path more than just a collection of bonuses and abilities.


Prerequisite: Any arcane class, at least two illusion at-will or encounter powers

You have adapted your arcane talents to control the field of battle. Your tradition originated with gnomes of the Feydark, who escaped their fomorian masters by mastering shadow magic to make their innate talent for illusions even more potent. Like those gnomes, you are an illusionist at heart, building your tactics on deception and misdirection. The shadowstuff you infuse into your spells makes those illusions a tangible part of the battlefield.

Dark Watcher

Prerequisite: Good or lawful good alignment

The ancient order of the dark watchers was founded by arcanists who mastered the power of shadow, then matched that power with a righteous understanding of the light of life and the Astral Sea. As a dark watcher, you are a vigilant guardian of the light of life and the natural world. The power taught to you by the order grants you unmatched defensive prowess, allowing you to protect yourself and your allies from the forces of darkness. Only by embracing the shadow can its corruption be turned to light—or so you believe.

Disciple of Razaundra

Prerequisite: Warlock, gloom pact

You have made your warlock’s pact with the shadow demon Razaundra, a creature of unmatched anger and rage. Once a powerful demon in service to Lolth, Razaundra forges pacts with ambitious warlocks, teaching them to control and channel their anger. In the hands of her disciples, rage becomes a force as deadly as any magic, and Razaundra’s shadow warlocks can lace their curses with pure fury. You have learned to channel and manipulate the power of rage.

Dusk Oracle

Prerequisite: Training in Insight and Religion

The spirits of the dead hold the accumulated lore of all creatures that once lived. Through the art of the dusk oracle, you have learned to call forth the ephemeral shades of the dead to answer questions and help you battle your foes. Whether you are a character capable of tapping into these endless memories or an empathic mortal called upon by the gods, your search for knowledge is guided by the whispers of the dead.


Prerequisite: Any primal class

Your innate connection to shadow, night, and the freedom you find within the darkness led you to the nocturnal path. By embracing this connection, you begin to wield the power shared by the shadowy predators that preceded you. You can step between this world and the world of shadow, summoning the aid of your nocturnal packmates from that shadow in times of need.

(517 Kbs PDF)


Prerequisite: Any arcane class, training in Religion

From time to time, the Raven Queen’s gaze lingers on a mortal soul whose courage and devotion sparks her cold heart. To these mortals she sends a special boon—a raven-shaped shadow whose appearance is a sign of her favor.

Those who gain this blessing are known as ravenkin, and from that point on they are never truly alone. The shadow raven that keeps them company is a physical connection to the god of death. Devout worshipers of the Raven Queen are the most common ravenkin. However, some ravenkin are recent converts to her faith, unsure of what they have done to warrant such a gift.

Since the blessing that marked you as a ravenkin, you have been aware that you are watched by the Raven Queen. Some might grow uneasy under such scrutiny, but you embrace it, knowing that you have a special place in the god’s plans.

Shadow Dancer

Prerequisite: Any teleportation at-will or encounter power, training in Stealth

You embrace the darkness as a means of perfecting the teleportation ability that quickly becomes your trademark in combat. When you strike like living shadow, you leave your foes to wonder where you might appear next.

Shadow Shaper

Prerequisite: Wizard, one or more illusion powers

Illusions trick the mind to evoke physical results. You have found that the interplay of shadow and illusion makes spectral images into true threats. You delight in tricking both the minds and bodies of your foes, constantly blurring the line between what is illusion and what is real.


Prerequisite: Any arcane class

You became a shadowthief when you fell victim to a curse that stole your own shadow away, replacing it with a dark hunger for the shadows of other creatures. You now use your arcane knowledge to seek and draw strength from those shadows, fueling the magic on which your dark power is built.

We previewed the Shadowthief in March’s In the Works.

(527 Kbs PDF)

Veiled Master

Prerequisite: Training in Stealth and Perception

Veiled masters are drawn primarily from the ranks of martial artists who have learned to perceive the world around them with little or no light. In keeping with your veiled master training, you prefer to attack from hiding, either striking from existing shadow or wrapping yourself in the gloom you learn to create. The features of the veiled master path reward those of a stealthy disposition, including monks, rogues, rangers, and other lightly armored warriors.

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