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Hurly-Burly Brothers
Monster Vault Excerpts

These ill-tempered trolls were separated at birth for a reason, and they’ve survived by being nearly indestructible.

In today’s excerpt from Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale, we look at a pair of brothers that offer a simple story element to their encounter—to defeat them both, you have to find them both... and somehow manage to bring them together.

Hurly-Burly Brothers

North of Winterhaven, a lonely path wends through the foothills of the Cairngorm Peaks. Flanking this trail are two caves five miles apart, one along the shore of Lake Wintermist and the other carved into a rocky hill to the west. Although the caves aren’t visible from the trail, local hunters know them well and avoid them, for they are home to two savage trolls—fraternal twins—that despise one another. Residents of Winterhaven call the trolls Hurly and Burly, because of their tumultuous history and the uproar they have caused over the years

Troll Territory: Each troll has a cave to himself. Though they generally keep to themselves, the trolls sometimes encroach upon each other’s territory, leading to arguments and brawls. The brothers walk away from these conflicts no worse for wear, thanks to their regeneration ability. However, these altercations can upset them for days, spurring them to take out their frustrations on nearby farmsteads and passersby.

Bound by Blood: Hurly and Burly are not typical trolls. Their mother, a shaman, cast a ritual upon them when they were born. The ritual bound their spirits as one, such that the brothers cannot be killed unless they’re in close proximity to one another. A successful DC 21 Arcana check or Nature check reveals that the only way to kill one troll is to deal acid or fire damage to its unconscious body while its brother is close by.

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