Excerpts Archive | 5/28/2013
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Against the Slave Lords Excerpts: A1
Slave Pits of the Undercity

"In the early days of TSR, we were still feeling things out, learning what we could and couldn’t do. It was in a previous GEN CON Game Fair that we had heard murmurs that the AD&D tournament needed some work. We hadn’t realized until then how much the tournament could be, should be, a showcase event. The players who came to Wisconsin deserved a deliberately crafted experience, something that could show TSR and AD&D in the best possible way."

So begins David “Zeb” Cook's foreword to A1: Slave Pits of the Undercity. While the original adventure appeared as part of Gen Con XIII's Open Tournament, it returns with June's Against the Slave Lords compilation.

In today's preview, we look at the background to Slave Pits of the Undercity (including notes for the Dungeon Master and tournament play):

For several years, organized bands of pirates and slavers have made a living by raiding the coastal towns on the Sea of Gearnat. Ranging from Onnwal to the Wild Coast, they have descended quickly and ruthlessly on the small towns and villages, and carried off innocent citizens into the night. Although these marauders were not approved of by the lords and rulers of the lands they raided, they were allowed to continue their depredations. Feuding amongst the lords and lack of funds prevented all but an occasional naval battle with the villains and the slow fortification of towns. Bribery was often a more effective method of protecting one’s lands from the incursions of these avaricious sea-wolves.

Recently, however, the slavers’ attacks have become more frequent and vicious. Believing their prey to be weak and helpless, the raiders have burnt entire villages and pulled down the walls of towns. Women, children, and whole families have disappeared; and though bribes are accepted, the agreements are ignored. Vast tracts of coastline have been reduced to ashes, left barren except for packs of wild dogs.

The lords have finally become determined to take action, forgetting their petty squabbles to unite against the marauders of the yellow sails…

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