Dragon Issue #387
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By Bill Slavicsek
Bill looks ahead at what's in store for May and beyond.
By Chris Youngs
Chris tackles the five monsters he most enjoys fighting as a player.
By Robert J. Schwalb
Different traditions commune with the spirit world in different ways, but regardless of their backgrounds, all shamans can call on the spirits for advice, aid, and assistance.
By Bruce R. Cordell
Although all shardminds are crystallized from a single, scattered consciousness, they are also individual beings with their own personalities and aspirations.
By Logan Bonner
Nothing in the realms of man can match the deep traditions of art and lore that endure among the folk of the Feywild. That richness is an irresistable draw to bards.
By Peter Schaefer
Rituals hold the keys to great power. Those who put rituals to their fullest use have developed many magical items to aid and improve their ritual magic.
By Robert J. Schwalb
An artificer is part technician and part artist. Each of them crafts his own unique variations on common themes, as reflected in these new feats.
By Jeff Morgenroth
Erathium's golden domes are tarnished and its grand heritage besmirched, but one staunch, secretive society still upholds the city's honor: the Unbroken Circle.
By Robert J. Schwalb
Invokers can expand their options through further study into the ideals and methods of their deities combined with their racial talents and customs.
By Jared Glenn
The city of Onat is steeped in primal lore and values the beasts of the world. It's no surprise, then, that beastmaster rangers flock to its banner.
By Keith Baker
Shifters are far removed from their lycanthrope ancestors, but the moon and the wild still beckons to them even when they embrace civilization.
By Matthew Sernett
Revenants are often drawn to the path of the assassin, and these new options give them more reasons to embrace the call of the Raven Queen.
By Peter Schaefer
The Blightseers, one of many tiefling bloodlines, brings ruin to any and all they deem as their foes.
By Robert J. Schwalb
The lich Mourne founded this Shadowfell-oriented group long ago to protect the Shadowfell from those who would exploit its power.
By Elliott Hoffman
Erathis draws many worshipers, but adventurers in particular often find common ground with her teachings.
By Craig Campbell
The Students of Aurtus, once a great priest of Pelor, seek to apply the mistakes of history to the present day.
By James Auwaerter
Nearly all adventurers lose a comrade at some point in their careers, but some defenders turn the burden of that loss into new arenas of power.
By Shelley Mazzanoble
D&D's "Player-in-Chief" shares more of her wisdom and insight.
By Greg Bilsland
Monster Manual 3 comes out this month. Preview the new monster stat block and see why you're going to love it.
By Andy Collins and Greg Bilsland
Keeping the rules up-to-date is a big job. Learn how it's done straight from the people who do it.
By Bart Carroll and Steve Winter
Celebrate Monster Manual 3 with a look back at Dungeons & Dragons monsters through past editions.
By Bart Carroll and Steve Winter
Another look back at Dungeons & Dragons monsters through past editions.
By Chris Tulach
Join Chris Tulach as he talks about what’s going on with official D&D play, the community, and upcoming events!
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