Dragon Issue #397

By Steve Winter
By Bill Slavicsek
By R&D Staff
Class Compendium takes a fresh look at the versions of the fighter, cleric, rogue, warlord, and wizard that were originally presented in the 4th Edition Player's Handbook. This is where you'll see the most current updates to many powers, features, and feats for these classes. The series launches with the warlord!
By Ken Hart and Jeff LaSala
Wielding the power of a cleric and living the life of a cleric are expected to go hand in hand, but that isn't always the case. Clerics vow to serve their god and to hold high the ideals that he, she, or it represents, but challenges to a cleric's faith abound, and beliefs can change over time.
By Ken Silverman (Updated 4/06/11)
Within the halls of Kerith-Ald are Ioun's revered sages. The sages of the Swan Tower constantly learn, discover, and catalog all there is to know in the universe, and perhaps even beyond. Many who are devoted to Ioun pray to one day achieve a position within these honored halls, to be recognized as a Pillar of Ioun.
By Robert J. Schwalb
Most people are content to leave the adventuring business to the professionals. With the right motivation, however, these common folk might be coaxed out of their shops and fields. These are the henchmen, the lackeys, and the hirelings. For the right price, they will lend their talents to an adventurer’s cause.
By R&D Staff
Character races presented in newer rulebooks such as Heroes of the Fallen Lands, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms, and Player's Handbook 3 offer some choice about which of a character's ability scores receives a racial boost. Now that option is being extended to all of the player character races.
By Tim Eagon
On Athas, familiars are seen as malevolent spirits and as harbingers of misfortune and death because of their association with arcane magic. Fortunately, since most people know next to nothing about arcane magic, few would recognize a familiar for what it was even if they saw one.
By Shelly Mazzanoble
D&D's "Player-in-Chief" observes how wonderful it is to see a positive portrayal of our beloved game on network TV.
By Bart Carroll
Take a trip through past editions of the D&D game, and see how its iconic features have evolved over the decades.
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