Living Forgotten Realms
Enter the Living Forgotten Realms, a massive shared-world campaign. Create your character, assign them to one Toril's varied lands, and join a gaming group near you. Earn experience points, gold, and magic items that remain with you from game to game! With dozens of unique adventures each year, and hundreds of event locations, Living Forgotten Realms brings you a unique and powerful roleplaying experience.

Share your adventures.
Shape your world.
Start playing today!

What Do I Need to Play?
In order to participate in the Living Forgotten Realms (LFR for short) campaign, you’ll want to have the following game products and aides:

First, you need an RPGA/DCI number.
You can obtain an RPGA/DCI number when you attend your first Living Forgotten Realms event, or read the information posted at Customer Service about joining the RPGA. If you’re looking for Living Forgotten Realms games in your area, try the Store & Event Locator or visit the Official Living Forgotten Realms Group to let others know you want to game!

Then, print out your adventure log and advancement tracker.
Both of those documents can be found in the RPGA Character Creation Guide, available in the downloads section of the D&D Events site.

How Do I Organize Games?
To order adventures and DM games anywhere except retail stores, all you need is an RPGA/DCI number (see above). Log in to your profile to order adventures and schedule a game.

If you want to organize games at a retail store, check with the store owner. They need to be a part of the Wizards Play Network (WPN). More information on the program is available on the WPN site.

Tell Me More!
For information on adventures, contacting the campaign staff, connecting with LFR players, and more, visit the Official Living Forgotten Realms Group on the Wizards Community site.