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Living SpellsD&D Insider Article
Creature Incarnations
by Peter Lee

Living spells are deadly horrors that haunt the Mournlands, the cursed remains of the great nation of Cyre. These monstrosities at first appear to be lingering conjurations, but they have no external guidance—these spells have a life of their own. Living spells are not a natural form of life. They have no need for self-preservation, and communicating with these creatures is nearly impossible. They have no earthly needs: They don’t eat, sleep, or reproduce. When encountered, living spells immediately attack. Just like the destructive nature of an attack spell, a living spell is simply fulfilling the direction provided by its arcane instinct.

Most living spells are the animated form of a single spell, but occasionally multiple spells interact to form a hybrid creature. The corrosion web is an example of a living spell that combines two common arcane spells: the wizard’s web and the sorcerer’s acid orb. Such combinations transform each spell in unique ways; for the corrosion web, the silk filaments forming the mass of the creature are covered with a caustic slime. Like a fisher throwing a net, the corrosion web ensnares foes with thin layers of its ropy body.

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    About the Author

    Peter Lee works as a game designer for Wizards of the Coast, where he splits his time between RPG design and leading the design for D&D Miniatures.