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Vor Kragal
By Nicolas Logue

The ancient tiefling empire of Bael Turath was crushed beneath the might of the dragonborn empire of Arkhosia long ago, but remnants of the corrupted tiefling rulers live on in the world. One such vestige of the empire’s glory is the ruined city of Vor Kragal, City of Ash. One one of Bael Turath’s crown jewels, the city is now home to foul monsters, deadly traps, ancient curses—and untold wealth and power. Adventurers have long sought to plumb the depths of the city, but few have returned to civilized lands to tell the tales. Enter Vor Kragal at your own risk!

The hellish masters of Bael Turath once held control of large portions of the world—both above and below the surface. Their enemies shuddered at rumors of extraplanar holdings that dwarfed even their sprawling empire in the world.

Bael Turath rose to power when the empire of Arkhosia was at its peak, and it was inevitable that the upstart empire would come into conflict with the dragonborn. The war that erupted when these two fearsome powers careened into each other engulfed the entire world. Dragonborn surged into the borders of Bael Turath by the thoursands, and the wings of their masters darkened the sky.

About the Author

Nicolas Logue is a composite of several different real-life madmen and degenerates. A collection of works are attributed to “Nicolas Logue” such as Voyage of the Golden Dragon, Eyes of the Lich Queen, and Pathfinder #3: Hook Mountain Massacre. Another “Logue” has recently been hired by Paizo Publishing as their Organized Play Coordinator. Yet another is a stage actor and fight choreographer in NYC.