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Campaign ItemsD&D Insider Article
by Stephen Schubert

Many DMs shy away from including potent treasure in their adventures -- and for good reason. Artifacts, vehicles, or other potent items could quickly derail a campaign, as anyone who has thrown a Deck of Many Things to their party can likely attest. But in 4th Edition D&D, these items are fully intended to see play. So if you've always wanted to drop the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords in a treasure hoard but been loathe to upset your campaign balance, you can rest easy, and use the advice in "Campaign Items" to see you on your way.

A typical D&D campaign sends its heroes into the depths of dungeons to battle against hordes of orcs or undead monstrosities, or even to the farthest reaches of the planes. The PCs of your game will unearth long-lost treasures and arm themselves with powerful magic items on their way to their epic destinies. But what about treasure that isn't exactly a pile of gold or a magic sword? The rewards your PCs achieve can include more than magic items and such treasure. What if the reward for defeating the pirate king is both his ship and his fleet? What if the adventure that leads to an artifact is just the beginning?

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    About the Author

    Stephen Schubert works as the lead developer for the D&D Miniatures Game and also develops RPG products. His recent credits include the 4th Edition Monster Manual, Adventurer’s Vault, and the new edition of the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game.