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Playtest: Primal PowerD&D Insider Article
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Richard Baker, Peter Lee, Robert J. Schwalb

Another exclusive playtest opportunity is here for D&D Insider subscribers! This time, explore two concepts that will appear in Primal Power. While you don’t have the complete druid yet (it appears in Player’s Handbook 2, out in March), you’ll be able to get a start playtesting this content using the level 1–3 druid we’ve already provided on Insider. Send us your playtest feedback at with Playtest: Primal Power in the subject line and help shape your game!

Many practitioners of the mystic arts can draw forth the power to summon a creature to fight at their sides. Wizards summon elemental creatures and lesser demons. Invokers call angels to their sides and bid them fight in the name of a god. Druids and other primal magic-users take a slightly different approach. When a druid calls an animal to fight at his side, the creature is there as a willing participant and ally. A druid can rely on his summoned animals to fight on without direction.

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