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Debut: The MonkD&D Insider Article
Player's Handbook 3 Debut Content!
By Rob Heinsoo, Mike Mearls, and Robert J. Schwalb

This month's Player's Handbook 3 debut content introduces the monk. Previous articles discussed why the monk uses the psionic power source, the concept and implementation of the full discipline power structure, and our thoughts at the time of the weapon-using monk and the flurry of blows mechanic. With this debut content, these elements of the monk have been finalized. This debut article refreshes the playtest content, giving D&D Insiders the final, Player’s Handbook 3 version of the centered breath build of the monk class, with updated powers and paths.

From high in forbidding mountains to the alleys of a city’s meanest district, the ascetic warriors known as monks practice their art. By focusing on their minds and bodies, honing both to near perfection, they master a psionic fighting art that allows them to deliver a punch with the force of a giant’s club and to absorb attacks as easily as a heavily armored knight. Monks tap into the psionic potential that rests within themselves, turning that energy further inward to fortify their bodies and sharpen their minds.

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    About the Authors

    Rob Heinsoo led the design of the 4th Edition D&D Roleplaying Game. His 4th Edition design credits include Martial Power and the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide. His other game designs include Three-Dragon Ante and Inn-Fighting. Mike Mearls is the Lead Designer for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. His recent credits include H1: Keep on the Shadowfell and Player's Handbook 2. Robert J. Schwalb works as a freelance designer for Wizards of the Coast. His recent credits include Martial Power, Draconomicon, and the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide. Robert lives in Tennessee with his incredibly patient wife, Stacee, and his pride of fiendish werecats, but is happiest when chained to his desk, toiling for his dark masters in Seattle.